About Us


Al Maykel (Executive chef from EVO Dining and Bootleggers Prohibition Pub) and Domenic Mercurio (Founder of the Worcester’s Best Chef competition) have joined forces to introduce the New England Burger Bah at the Worcester Public Market in the Canal District. Together with sous chef Cathy Young, they will create great burgers that represent Worcester & New England.

Visitors to New England Burger Bah can expect more than a classic burger. There are different types of burgers with ethnic flavors, in addition to fries, handmade chips, fried plantains, etc. With topping combos named after city landmarks, it is sure to deliver an unforgettable burger while resurrecting memories within the city.

Designed to bring nostalgia for the city of Worcester, all the artwork and menu items demonstrate different places and points of interest within the city of Worcester. The murals have done a great job to put an emphasis on the city of Worcester, not just the great burgers.